Most of us know that having a new born is a roller coaster ride and a completely different experience. But for those who are about to be first-time parents, there are a few things which must be remembered and taken care of. Here’s 6 tips which ensure smooth sailing for first-time parents.

Medical bills for the new born

It isn’t unheard of that having a new born baby is bound to shoot up your expenses in the medical bill department. These expenses are particularly high in the first year and biological children, if you choose to have them, can have high costs for just the money you spend on delivery. This costs vary depending on whether you have a normal delivery or a C-section, as the latter costs much more.

Possible savings on prenatal and maternity costs

It is a smart move to invest on health insurance but there can be cases where the health insurance may not cover maternity. These are the times where you should be much more active and look for hospitals who let you negotiate for their services and also try to compare prices between some places. There are a few discounts which you can avail by making sure all your payments are done with respect to time.

Supplies and clothing

In all this rush, there are a few supplies which need to be bought and these could be them.

Crib and crib mattress


Bathtub for the child


Car seat and Stroller

Changing table and diaper bag

Lotions, baby nail clippers and soaps



Clothes based on age like when the baby is newly born, when he is 0-3 months to when he is 9-12 months’ old

Saving on baby gear

A baby shower is seen as only a celebration and party but it can very well be an opportunity for first time parents to save up as they could get a lot of the supplies they need for their baby as gifts. You might go ahead and tell close relatives what exactly you need and that would be a lot more helpful than you can imagine.

Cost of childcare

For people who are unaware of the national average expenses of childcare, it is worth taking a look at. Try talking to a family member who could take care of your child for some time as that may save some money for you. Family health care centres also are not as expensive as regular ones. There should be an attempt to find a good place which you are comfortable with.

Financial preparation for stress relief

Having a baby is a delightful and enjoyable experience. It should never be confused with a burden and must be prepared for in advance. Once the financial planning is done in the right way, a lot of problems sublime on their own and make this time much more exciting and memorable!